Industrial & Petroleum Services

Expert Maintenance, Backup Power Solutions, and Electrical Upgrades

We provide reliable and efficient electrical services for your service stations and industrial sites. From regular maintenance to emergency backup power solutions. and advanced electrical upgrades, we ensure that your station runs smoothly 24/7.

At Dynamize Electric we're experts at ensuring your industrial operations or your service stations are functioning at their best and that's why so many companies trust us for their electrical needs

Emergency Electrical Services and Repair
Emergency Electrical Services and Repair

We are aware how crucial downtime can be for your business and how important it is to have all your electrical needs working properly. You can always count on us to make sure that you are not left in the dark.

• Fuel control failure repairs (floats, pumps, etc.)
• ESA deficiency repairs
• Motors
• Conveyor systems/controls
• Facility lighting and controls
• And much more...

Electrical Preventive Maintenance
Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Electrical preventive and scheduled maintenance is imperative to making sure your business runs efficiently and reduces the need for costly repairs.

Dynamize Electric Inc. will customize a maintenance plan around your business needs to ensure your business operations run smoothly by minimizing downtime.

New Construction Projects, Relocating and Remodeling
New Construction Projects, Relocating and Remodeling

Our Electricians work with you to design a customized electrical system that meets your current and future needs. From new construction projects, equipment relocating or remodeling, we provide one of the most comprehensive electrical remodeling services that ensures your business operates effectively.

• Distribution systems
• Motor control centers
• Cold Storage Facilities & Flexible Buildings
• Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities
• Production & System Halls
• Waste water
• Automotive Manufacturing & Recycling Facilities
• Production and process equipment
• Machinery Upgrades and Relocations
• Emergency Stop Systems & Guardian Installation

Service Station Maintenance
Service Station Maintenance

We have a great understanding of service station electrical needs and how important it is to be fully operative.

We can assist your business.

• Retail store lighting
• ESA deficiency repairs
• Veeder-Root wiring repairs
• Dispenser control and pump wiring
• Intercom wiring
• Ice and snow melting cabling

Generator Fuel Controls
Generator Fuel Controls

At Dynamize Electric Inc. we offer a wide range of fuel control solutions to keep your generators running smoothly. Our service include.

• Fuel control upgrades and installations
• Fuel pump upgrades and installations
• Monitoring system upgrades and installations
• Louver motor upgrades and installations
• Louver control upgrades and installations
• Overfill alarm installations and more

Fuel Monitoring Systems
Fuel Monitoring Systems

Trust us to deliver efficient and effective solutions for your fuel monitoring needs. Our team is highly experienced and qualified in the installation and maintenance of:

• Fuel Monitoring Systems
• Fuel Monitoring Sensors
• Fuel Level Probes
• Fuel Vacuum and Pressure Switches
• Classified Area Wiring

Get the Reliable Electrical Solutions You Need

Don't let faulty wiring or outdated equipment hold you back. At Dynamize Electric Inc., our licensed electricians are ready to provide you with efficient and effective electrical services from repairs, troubleshooting, installations and upgrades. We've got you covered. Are you ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical needs are in capable hands?

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