Electrical Safety Authority Work Permit Requirements

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The following is a list of electrical work that requires permits. Dynamize Electric Inc. will assist with obtaining the permits needed and ensure your electrical work is up-to-code and safe.

Almost all electrical work performed in Ontario requires a permit, with very few exceptions. A Certificate of Inspection is provided by ESA when the work is completed which you can provide to your insurance company if they ask for it.

The cost for a permit depends on the amount of work you’re doing. Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is a not-for-profit self-funded organization. As a result, ESA charges for inspection and other services. Revenues from the provision of services cover ESA’s operating expenses and support public electrical safety education. Contact us for further permit pricing for your project.

* Outdoor Outlet – Permit needed
* Indoor Outlet – Permit needed

* Installing a ceiling fan where no fixture exists – Permit needed
* Installing a ceiling fan where a light fixture exists – Permit needed
* Replacing any existing ceiling fan – Permit needed

Any work on the panel – Permit needed

* Replacing an existing receptacle – Permit needed
* Installing new receptacle – Permit needed
* Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters(AFCIs) or TR (Tamper-Resistant)
* Replacing old GFCI outlet with a new one with a cover on it – Permit needed.

* Running wiring to sheds and other structures- Permit needed
* Replace or rewire a pool pump indoor or outdoor- Permit needed
* Wiring hot tubs and swim spas- Permit needed

*Replacing a 2-wire fixture for a 2-wire fixture – No Permit needed
*Installing a new light fixture where one didn’t exist – Permit needed
Installing a chandelier where a flush-mount light or two-light fixture existed – No Permit needed
*Installing outdoor light fixtures requiring new runs – Permit needed
*Installing outdoor fixture where no new run is needed – Permit needed
*Installing pot lights in existing pot lights – Permit needed
*Installing new pot lights – Permit needed

* Low volt garden lighting- No permit needed
* Installing lights on a deck / low voltage deck lights – Permit needed
* Soffit lighting- Permit needed

Installing or moving an Electric Vehicle charger - Permit needed

* Simple like-for-like 2 wire to 2 wire change – No permit needed
* Single pole to three-way switch – Permit needed
* Replace an existing switch with a dimmer – Permit needed

* Dishwasher – Permit needed
* Washer or Dryer – Permit needed
* Oven – No Permit needed
* Towel Warmer- Permit needed

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