Why Hire A Professional Electrician To Change Sockets & Switches

Ceiling lamp installationDealing with electrical components in your home like sockets and switches, often presents a dilemma to the homeowner — should you attempt the task yourself or call in a professional electrician?

Most of the time we would advise that you call an electrician, especially if you don’t actually have any experience with electrical work.

While the do-it-yourself approach can seem more cost-effective — and it can be, the risks involved far outweigh the potential savings.

So below, we provide you with some compelling reasons as to why hiring a professional electrician is a safer choice and can actually save you money in the long run.

The Complexity of Electrical Work

The Hidden Intricacies

Home electrical socketsWhen it comes to changing sockets and switches, there’s much more than meets the eye. The task involves a number of intricate steps from ensuring the correct wiring is being worked on to understanding the internal circuitry. With an untrained individual, what seems like a straightforward task can quickly become a hazardous undertaking, even if you carefully follow any provided instructions.

Amateur handling can lead to issues such as incorrect wiring, which might not only cause the new socket or switch to malfunction but also creates serious risks like electrical shocks or fire hazards. Without the proper knowledge of an electrical system, you could inadvertently overload a circuit, compromising the safety of your home or even cause serious harm to yourself.

Compliance with Electrical Codes

Every region operates under a specific set of electrical codes and standards that exist to safeguard homes from electrical mishaps. Professional electricians are familiar with these codes and also understand the major importance of adhering to them.

A DIY job could very easily violate these essential safety codes by either using of improper materials or incorrect installation methods. Non-compliance doesn’t just pose safety risks but they also impact future property insurance claims or the resale value of your home. Improper DIY jobs can be discovered during home inspections and put a huge damper on the process if you’re trying to sell your home.

Guarantee of Expertise and Safety

Professional electricians undergo extensive training (that virtually never ends) to equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle electrical tasks safely and efficiently. They use the right tools and know-how to diagnose underlying issues that are usually not be apparent to the untrained eye.

It doesn’t take a professional electrician to recognize some of the early signs, as detailed in our article “Key Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home,” but, when it comes to actually fixing problems, professionals are best suited to address these issues.

Here are the Risks of DIY Electrical Work

Trying to change sockets and switches by yourself introduces risks that might not be obvious until it’s too late. Here’s a list of those risks:

  1. Electrical Shocks: Without proper training, you’re vulnerable to electrical shocks, which can be fatal.
  2. Fire Hazards: Incorrect installations can result in overheating and/or sparks that could start a fire.
  3. Future Electrical Failures: Improperly installed switches or sockets can contribute to unforeseen electrical failures.
  4. Violation of Electrical Codes: DIY efforts often result in non-compliance with local codes which can leading to legal issues or problems when selling your property.
  5. Increased Costs: Mistakes in installation might require more expensive repairs or replacements in the future.
  6. Voided Warranties: Some electrical components’ warranties become void if not installed by a professional.

Use Safety First!

Prioritizing Your Home’s Safety

While the prospect of saving money through DIY methods is tempting, you have to remember that the safety of your home is the most important. The risks involved with DIY electrical work are significant danger of electrical shocks to the potential violation of safety codes just isn’t worth it.

Value of Professional Assurance

Hiring a professional electrician is an investment in your home’s safety and functionality. Electrical experts can efficiently execute the job and ensure that all components are correctly installed and up to code. A professional will guarantee the system’s overall integrity, and that all safety codes are strictly followed. Choosing a professional reduces the risk of future issues and safeguard both your home’s electrical system and your peace of mind.

Make the Smart Choice

While DIY is suitable for some projects in your home, your home’s electrical work is best left to the professionals – professionals installed the system and they should be the ones fixing or upgrading it. 

If you decide to continue with a DIY electrical problem, take note that your local electrician is only a call a way and would most likely be glad to answer any of your questions. 

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